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Winter Skin Care Tips 2017 For Dry And Oily Skin

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Winter Skin Care Tips to keep skin Soft and Glowing. In this weather everything is affected. The most damage occurs to the human skin. Winter Skin Care Tips 2017 are easily available on the internet these days. Winter skin care tips for dry are also available in magazines and books. Skin requires a little more attention as winter arrives. Care should be taken to maintain the health of the skin.

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For winter skin care we can use different tips. Organic products for skin care are easy to use and they provide better results. Inorganic products are instant but they are harmful in the long run. As winter brings entire new challenges for our skin so it is worth switching your skin care routines. Low temperature, high humidity, indoor heated areas and exposure to sunlight to avoid cold are the conditions which affect our skin health. The skin becomes dull and dry in winters.

Winter Skin Care Tips 2017

Winter Skin Care Tips 2017 For Dry And Oily Skin

Change your cleanser:

In winters as the skin is already dry, avoid using foaming cleansers as they make the skin drier. Switch to creamy cleansers. The ones that contain natural oils in them so that your skin is not dehydrated when exposed to the cold and dry wind.

Double up on moisture:

Use oils and other moisturizers like creams and lotions to retain your skin’s moisture.  If your skin is on the dry side, look for creams with barrier-repairing ceramics and fatty acids which are good at preventing water loss. Hydration is key for optimist skin plumpness and glow, so it is worth layering your day cream over a quenching serum if you do not already do so.

Winter Skin Care Tips For Dry

Try an oil:

Nothing’s more useful in winter than a good quality facial oil. When the temperature falls, a couple of drops mixed in to your day cream or your cleanser, or your night cream or just used neat on warm, freshly-cleansed skin helps to lock in moisture and keep skin petal-soft. It adds a natural glow to the skin and is purely organic and have good benefits in the long run.

Winter Skin Care Tips For Oily Skin

Exfoliating your skin:

Dry skin is not efficient at shedding its dead cells. So it is worth investing in an exfoliate to keep dullness at bay and tackle uneven pigmentation during the winter months. What ever your preferred texture is, go gently with it as over-zealous scrubbing or peeling can over stimulate oily skin and leave dry skin feeling even drier. The best time to exfoliate is during your night time regime, as skin does not have to contend with UV rays afterwards. Follow with a layer of serum or moisturize.

These are some of the general tips for winter skin care. It depends on the type of skin one has. All the tips are suitable for all skin types during winters though. Hope this article helped you out.

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